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Who killed Bambi?

L'Oreal Bambi eye false lash mascara

I mean, who doesn’t want lashes like a cartoon deer? L’Oréal’s Bambi lash mascara promises ‘dramatic eye-opening curl’ and boy, does it deliver. Just call me Faline.

The mascara is not perfect however. I’m not a huge fan of the wand. It’s a right chonker. I mean look at it. It might work if you have one huge cyclops eye but I have two normal eyes, and it means when applying I have to tilt my head right back to stop it smudging on my brow bone. But, it’s a small complaint.

The formula is excellent, it goes on wet but dries in seconds. You can easily layer two or three coats with minimal clumping. Lashes will also hold a curl all day without drooping. The mascara is sweat proof if not water proof and doesn’t crumble. Below are my lashes without mascara, and then with two coats of Bambi eye.

I’ve always got on well with L’Oréal mascaras. They do what they say and don’t irritate my eyes. My only other grumble is the price. It’s £10.99, which is triple what I usually pay for mascara. Is it worth the money? Yes, absolutely. Beg, borrow or steal* but absolutely try this mascara.

*I do not condone shop lifting.

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