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Wake me up when September ends

September favourites and fails

CYO blush in ‘Strong Words’.

I’ll start with what I bought right at the start of the month. I have literally worn this blush every single day of September. It looks deep red in the pan, and blends out into a beautiful berry shade. It also lasts most of the day. Despite being matte, it’s extremely easy to blend out. Here I am wearing it below:

L’Oréal la petite palette in ‘Nudist’.

This is another product I’ve worn almost every day. The petite palettes contain six shimmer shades. They are so incredibly soft and easy to blend. There’s no dusty kickback or crumbling. Some may complain about the lack of a matte, but I personally find an all shimmer look more flattering on my eye type. I will absolutely be picking up more versions of this. Here I am wearing it below (and in most of the other pictures in fact!)

Essence Camouflage matte concealer

I expected something more full coverage from this concealer, but it’s quite nice, despite the misleading name. This is the lightest shade, and I use it to brighten under my eyes. It’s not heavy whatsoever, and doesn’t sink into my under-eye creases. I find as I get older, the less concealer I wear under my eyes, the better. Despite the name, this is a light-medium coverage, and gives a nice fresh look. It’s not so good however, at covering blemishes, and I prefer my collection or L’Oréal more than concealer for that.

Essence shine lip gloss in ‘Strawberry Red’.

I don’t think I’ve worn lip gloss since I was fourteen. I distinctly recall a pink, sparkly Bourjois one that clashed horribly with my skin tone. This has a lovely, as the name would suggest, pink-y red hue. It is a tad sticky but unlike the lip gloss of my youth, it stays put and doesn’t wander around your face, or smudge. Here is it below layered over Nyx’s ‘girl bye’ lipstick. Layering is really where this lip gloss excels, it didn’t pull any pigment from the lipstick underneath, but coated it in a wonderfully glassy layer. I wore this combo all day, and it didn’t even smudge when I was eating. Absolute winner, I will probably pick up another shade or two.

Collection Gorgeous glow highlighter in ‘Rose’.

And here’s our flop of the month. These highlighters seem to be a new line from Collection, at least, I haven’t seen them before. This highlighter looked so promising in the pan, and I expected it to be like the Essence my glow passion highlighter I reviewed last month; a sumptuous, shimmering metallic pink. But no. Swatched with a finger or a brush, this highlighter is dry as the Mojave Desert. There’s no pigment at all. It barely shows on the cheeks and then what little is there, disappears into the ether in a matter of minutes. Even though this only costs £2.99, I say save your money and avoid.

Revolution x Friends ‘Monica’ palette.

I have some problems with the Friends collection, and I’m going to list them here, to get them out my system. Firstly, why is Joey’s lip gloss not blue? Missing a trick there, Revolution. Secondly, all the lipstick shades are wrong. Phoebe’s lipstick is a berry shade, when in the show did she ever wear a berry lipstick? Phoebe’s lipstick should have been a pink-y nude, Rachel’s a caramel nude, and Monica’s a burgundy or red as she regularly rocked a bold lip, especially in the early seasons. Ahem. Despite my gripes, the Friend’s collection is pretty awesome. I have a great nostalgia for Friends, as you can probably tell. I chose to get the Monica palette, as she was my favourite friend and the colour selection is like nothing I already own. You can see it swatched below.

Friends aside, it’s a great palette. I find Revolution eyeshadow can be very hit or miss. I’ve had some bangers, and I’ve some dusty, eye-stinging fails. This is a star. The eyeshadows are soft, and easy to blend, and they don’t irritate my eyes. Below is a look I created. I used thanksgiving on the lid, a little bing in the crease, and frizzy on the outer corner.

There are so many looks you can do with this palette, and I can tell I’m going to get a lot of use out of it. I am quite tempted to get the Monica lip gloss, so I have the matching set, but it’s currently out of stock. Good job Revolution.

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