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Summer Loving

“The month of August had turned into a griddle where the days just lay there and sizzled.” ― Sue Monk Kidd, The Secret Life of Bees

Well thank God summer is over. So long Hay Fever, the stench of weed invading my local park, and other people's shit music. I was going to put this post up on Instagram, but it was getting a little long, so I thought I’d bang it up here instead. These are a few products I’ve enjoyed using in August. Bring on September I say!

Garnier hand repair intensive restoring hand cream

This is an excellent and extremely cheap hand cream. This large tube was only two pounds. It doesn’t come close to the body shop’s hemp hand cream, which is the only one that helps my eczema, but as I refuse to pay extortionate postage just for a hand cream, this one has taken well-deserved second place. It has glycerine as the second ingredient, and feels heavy when you first apply it but it sinks in quickly, and doesn’t hinder activities. A great hand cream that I heartily recommend.

Essence my glow passion highlighter

Essence make good highlighters. This is no exception. First of all, I love the packaging. It’s a small, solid tin, and is easy to store, or toss in a makeup bag. The texture of this highlighter is not as finely milled as some; it feels a little chalky to the touch. However, once on the skin, it transforms into the most gorgeous metallic pink highlight. It lasts for hours too, and doesn’t fade. Unfortunately, like a lot of great Essence products, it’s part of a range that has now been discontinued, but it can still be found on Just my look, and I’ve also seen it on Ebay.

Manuka Doctor Manuka & tea tree antiseptic gel

I bought this because I had a mysterious rash on my chest that wasn’t responding to my usual eczema cream. Manuka honey, and obviously, tea tree oil is known to have anti-fungal and antiseptic properties. It smells more like the former than the latter and is a clear, slightly sticky gel. Anyway, it cleared up the mysterious rash, and I’m now using it for acne. It’s a nice little product to use on any minor skin complaints.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless pressed powder

After a decade of using the cheapest available pressed powder ‘because it’s just powder, right?’ I bit the bullet and splashed out on Maybelline’s fit me. And I am not sorry. This powder is better than a cheaper alternative. It glides smoothly over the skin and sets everything in place. I no longer get a shiny forehead within the hour, this keeps everything matte and in place all day. The only thing I must be careful of is applying too much, as then my makeup can look cakey. It says on the back that it’s for normal to oily skin, but I have dry/sensitive skin and it’s not given me any problems. I was so impressed by this powder I bought the fit me concealer to try, but alas even the lightest shade is too dark.

Physicians Formula butter blush in ‘rosy pink’

I was unsure of this blush when I first bought it. The smell is extremely strong (a sort of sweet coconut-y smell) and it seemed extremely sheer. The blush itself feels quite dry, when you would think from the name, it would feel buttery smooth. However, once on the cheeks it is transformed into the most gorgeous, satin flush. The blush is extremely buildable, and melds with your skin instead of sitting on top of it. I was a little concerned that, owing to the scent, it might break me out, but I’ve had no such problems. The shade rosy pink is a slightly cool-toned light pink, and goes with most other makeup. I’m very impressed with this blush, and I will be trying more of this brand in the future. The only bad thing about it is the packaging, I get they’re going for a tropical theme, but the hot pink makes me think of Barbie’s dream house.

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