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Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara

I was initially underwhelmed by this mascara. I have tried other Essence mascaras before, my favourite of the bunch being the 'False Lash' version in the Lash Princess line. This one promised volumized lashes and boosted of a unique 'cobra' shaped brush. I had no problems with the brush, it did not hinder nor help my application.

The actual formula of the mascara is very wet. It's hard to apply without smudging mascara everywhere which is annoying but it's much kinder to my sensitive eyes then a dry, clumpy formula. The first coat made my lashes very long, and curled them up, but it did not volumise them in any way. I discovered the trick is to wait 30 seconds or so and then apply a second coat. The more i've used this mascara the more i've found myself warming to it. It doesn't irritate my dry eye, and it holds length and curl all day without smudging (although I haven't yet tested it in the gym).

Like all the Essence mascaras it's a very reasonable price, currently retailing for 3.30. Although it doesn't quite offer as much volume as 'False Lash', it is a very reasonable second option, and I can see this becoming a staple.

Final score 3.5/5.

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