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Matchmaker, matchmaker

'Find me a find, catch me a catch,

matchmaker matchmaker look through your book,

and find me a perfect match!'

L'Oreal True Match foundation in '1N Ivory'.

I was not happy with my foundation. I had previously been using Maybelline's dream satin liquid which was then reformulated into dream radiant liquid. Urgh, reformulations, the bane of makeup lovers everywhere. This 'improved' version was thinner and had less coverage, so as I came to the end of the bottle, I googled 'best foundations for sensitive skin' and L'Oreal true match was the first result.

There are few, if any, downsides to this foundation. The shade, N1 Ivory, is the third lightest shade with neutral undertones and is a good match for my skin. Below you can see me bare-faced:

And here I am with a single layer of true match, applied with a beauty blender:

As you can see, the foundation has a medium, very natural appearing coverage. It hasn't set off my eczema or made me break out (my skin does that on it's own, the bastard).

In the bottle the foundation has a shimmer to it ,but this isn't evident once applied. It layers well under concealer and powder, and so far, has never caked on me. This isn't a foundation for full coverage queens, but it suits my dry, sensitive skin very well. The only bad point is the foundation itself is very liquidy and can make a mess when pumped if you're not careful. It also contains SPF17, always a plus point in my opinion, although I know some people don't like it.

Would I repurchase? Yes.

Final score: 5/5

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