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Mascara Madness

Mascaras I’ve tried recently.

You know when you keep typing a word and it looks wrong? That’s how I feel about mascara right now. Mascara, mascara, mascara. Say it three times fast and a clown might appear. Did you know the first commercial mascara was created using coal dust and Vaseline? My dry eyes are shuddering at the thought. Thankfully we have much better options nowadays, and recently I’ve tried a few of them.

First up is Max factor’s 2000 Calorie Lash mascara. It currently retails for £7.99, although I found mine in a bargain bin. Don’t worry, it was sealed. 2000 Calorie promises dramatic volume, but on me it didn’t deliver. I’ve no idea why this mascara is such a cult classic. It’s not dreadful but it’s a bit eh. I suppose it would be good for your grandma whose lashes need a little pick me up, but I wasn’t impressed. It didn’t smudge or flake so I suppose that’s good.

Final score: 2/5

Secondly, we have Collections Supersize Fat Lash. This is only £2.99, and a nice little mascara for the price. For a start, the tube is adorable, it’s pink. The mascara itself is not bad, but you have to work on it; wiggling on multiple layers. Once it’s on it holds a curl all day. Unfortunately, it does start to smudge towards the end of the day, which means I probably won’t repurchase this, although I do like it.

Final score 3/5

The final mascara in our line-up is Bourjois Clubbing mascara. I never hear anything about this mascara, and it’s a shame, because it’s an excellent one. Bourjois Clubbing mascara was my favourite mascara in my twenties, and I decided to rebuy it recently, to see if it was as good as I remember. Spoiler, yes, it is. It promises dramatic volume, and it delivers. And it lasts well through gym workouts with no flaking or smudging. It’s a true workhorse mascara. The only drawback is the price, it’s £7.99, which is double what I prefer to spend on mascara, but I’m sure for anyone else this would be fair and reasonable.

Final score 4/5

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