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Lipstick Addicts Anonymous

L’Oréal Les Chocolats in ‘Cacao Crush’

Maybelline Superstay ink crayon in ‘Accept a Dare’

Fenty Beauty Stunna lip paint in ‘Underdawg’

Nyx Powder Puff lip cream in ‘Senior Class’ and ‘Cool intentions’

Hi, my name’s Jade and I own too many lipsticks. The problem didn’t start until my mid-twenties. I’d always avoided lipstick up until then. I was an eyeshadow person. Then, one day, I tried on a pink Revlon just bitten chubby stick, and I was hooked. Lipstick was what had been missing from my life. Sorry, I’ll, uh, guess I’ll leave the meeting now. I’m just not ready to quit.

It will come as a surprise to absolutely no one that I’ve bought a few lipsticks recently. First up is this liquid offering from L’Oréal’s Les Chocolats line. It’s in the shade ‘Cacao Crush’. A lot of people online seem to be very excited about these lipsticks because they apparently smell like chocolate. They actually smell like hot chocolate powder which is not the same thing. The colour of this lipstick is lovely, it’s a deep, dark burgundy. That’s the only good thing about it. There are no pictures of me wearing it because I despise the formula. It feels unbearably sticky, like your lips are covered with treacle. The applicator is terrible too, cheap and wobbly, so it’s extremely hard to get a sharp outline. I couldn’t bear it on my lips for more than a few minutes and rushed to take it off. The sticky formula was an absolute pain in the arse to remove, although while applying it went on patchy. Buy this lipstick at your peril.


Next up on the list is Maybelline’s Superstay ink crayon in the shade ‘Accept a Dare’. This is the second shade in this line that I’ve purchased, and I believe the formula of this shade is a tad bit better then ‘Settle for More’, the dark red that I already own. Accept a Dare is a deep pink. It’s a very wearable shade with a hint of mauve that’s neither too girlish or grandma-like. The formula is great. It’s a twist up crayon and there’s a sharpener at the bottom. The actual bullet feels waxy but has splendid pigmentation. It’s not quite as long lasting as the Maybelline matte ink liquid lipsticks, but it’s much more comfortable, and will last through most beverages and food, except more oily offerings. This is a great line, and I hope they continue to add more colours.


Above: Accept a Dare on. Don't look at my washing basket. I said don't look!

Our next lip product to discuss is Fenty Beauty’s lip paint in the shade ‘Underdawg’. I thought Fenty Beauty was a load of overhyped hot air (and not just for spelling dog as dawg) and this lipstick has done little to change my opinion. I do love the colour of this lipstick, it’s a dark brownish burgundy. However, the applicator is awful. It sucks up too much product and no matter how many times you wipe it off, it still deposits too much formula on to your lips. It’s also a funny shape, a squashed doe foot, which makes achieving a crisp outline difficult. The actual formula is okay. It dries quickly, which is nice, but it also has a propensity to smear everywhere when you drink or eat anything. And I mean everywhere. It also has a lovely tendency to constantly transfer onto your teeth, no matter how careful you are with applying and wiping. I like it, and I will continue to wear it while it lasts but the product is not the holy grail that so many reviews make it out to be.


Above:Underdawg on.

Finally, we have the Nyx powder puff lip cream in the shade ‘Senior Class’. I remember when these lipsticks were first released a year or so ago. I was most intrigued as I love the Korean style blotted lip. However, while perusing the Nyx stand I witnessed the sales assistant in Boots saunter over and apply the tester directly from the tube onto her lips. This blatant disregard for hygiene made me feel quite icky and put me off trying the line for a good while. Evidently, I got over it. The colour Senior Class is a lurid purple. It’s certainly a choice, one I am happy to make. Mama didn’t raise no bitch. The lipstick comes in a tube with a fluffy little applicator on the end. You have to press quite hard at first to get the product out. The formula has a very light, whipped texture. No matter how many layers you slather on, it retains that light, mousse-like feel. It dries down matte but it’s not rigid like a liquid lipstick, you can move it around and blend it out to give a blotted effect if you choose to do so. If you just leave it, however, it will stay where it is and doesn’t move. It’s easy to pat back in place after eating or drinking, without bothering to reapply. It’s a very innovative formula, and unlike anything I’ve tried before. I liked it so much I bought another colour, ‘Cool Intentions’, just a few days ago, which is a light, cool brown. The formula of Cool Intentions is the same as Senior class. Nyx lip products never let me down.


Above: Senior Class on.

Above: Cool Intentions on. Do you like my chair?

Have you tried any of these lipsticks? Perhaps you disagree with my -ahem- assessments. Do let me know down below.

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