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Jingle bells, Batman smells

DC x Revolution 'the city needs me' Batman palette

Although Marvel's X-Men have always been my team of choice, I'm no stranger to DC comics, and of course, Batman. Classics like 'The Killing Joke' and 'Arkham Asylum' rank among some of my favourite comics of all time, and I grew up watching the Batman films. When Revolution annouched a DC comics collab i was beyond hyped. I even told my grandmother. Yes really. When the collab came out, I was a little...underwhelmed?

I think, is an effort to appeal to the widest audience possible, Revolution missed a trick here. For a start there's lipgloss, and not lipstick as part of the range. Why isn't there a green or purple Joker lipstick? Or a bold red for Harley? The palettes themselves have interesting colour stories but I think the Catwoman one looks rather lackluster. I also think it's a shame there's no Poison Ivy themed palette. But I'm probably asking too much!

Anyway, of all the palettes I decided the largest Batman palette looked the best. And, despite my criticisms of the range in general, I really like it. See below for swatches.

This is the first row:

Second row:

Third row:

I found all the shades blend out really well, with the exception of 'batarang' the matte black shade. I also found the yellow shade 'anyone's game' a little chalky, and needed repeated application to avoid patchiness. However it layered fantastically, as do all the shades. The shade 'bruce' is also a very chunky pressed glitter shade, and causes fallout. You can see that from the swatch. If you look at the back of the palette you'll find that some of the shades are marked with a * which means they are pigments rather than eyeshadows. I'm always cautious about pigment shades as they can irritate my sensitive eyes but none of the shades caused irritation. I did however have some minor staining from the purple shades, but these had gone by the next day. I find in general, Revolution's Forever Flawless line, in the metal tins, of which 'the city needs me' is part of, is Revolutions best formulation.

Below are a couple of looks I created with the palette:

For this I used 'anyone's game' with 'batarang' in the crease and 'crime alley' in the inner corner.

For this I used 'my city', 'dawn' and 'batmobile'. I really like this look, although it's not picking up that great on my phone camera. My neighbour was also in his garden, looking over at my flat so I didn't want to stand too close to the window!

Overrall I think this palette is excellent, and I'm impressed with the variety of colours and quality of the eyeshadows. The packaging is lovely too, a solid metal tin. I think in the future I will buy one of the smaller palettes, possibly the Joker palette, to see how it compares. But I'm still holding out for a Joker green lipstick!

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