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Heathers, but it's not a musical.

I watched cult classic Heathers the other day. Much like this lipstick I thought it was dreadfully overrated.

Say Anastasia Beverly Hills and you no doubt think of brow whiz, and heinously expensive albeit beautiful eyeshadow palettes. But they also do lipstick. I mentioned before, how impressed I was with their matte lipstick formula, and so I was expecting great things from their liquid lipstick.

Not so.

I’ll start with the good. Heathers is a gorgeous colour. A true oxblood. I have a lot of reds in my collection from scarlets to burgundies and wines, but not any colour like this one. The applicator is also nice, it’s a slim doe foot and it makes applying the lipstick, and getting a sharp line an absolute breeze. It’s also a very fast drying formula, good if you’re in a hurry.

That’s all that the good. The formula, while fast setting, is extremely drying. Not in a ‘oh I’ve had this lipstick on all day and now my lips are parched’ sort of way. No, it is immediately drying. As soon as I put it on I felt as though all the life had been sucked from my lips. I pressed them together and they felt powdery. It’s been almost a week now since I tried this lipstick and my lips are still dry, it’s pretty much destroyed them. And I am not a person that suffers from dry lips.

Dryness aside, the formula is awful. It’s very patchy, and it crumbles. I haven’t had a liquid lipstick crumble on me for years. I didn’t think they still did that. It did not survive eating, it peeled everywhere, but I could not wipe it off and reapply fresh, half the lipstick wouldn’t budge. I had to reapply it over the crumbling mess, and it looked awful. As though that was not bad enough, the lipstick didn’t apply evenly, and I was left with little bald patches where the formula had just flaked off. It looked like my lips had mange.

I would expect much better from a high-to mid-end brand like ABH. If you’re after a high-end liquid lipstick, avoid these like the plague. Your lips will thank me later.

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