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Hail to the Queen

Primark False Lash Queen mascara

I’ve never tried a Primark mascara, not because i’m a makeup snob, oh no far from it, but because I have very sensitive eyes and I was worried I might have an allergic reaction. Thankfully it seems my fears were unfounded, as i’ve has no problems with this mascara at all.

False lash queen promises 95% more volume, a bold claim indeed! It’s a very dry, clumpy formula, similar to Benefits they’re real. I really struggled to get the mascara to coat my lashes evenly and not stick them all together, but when the mascara was in a good mood I had good hold and volume. It was a little tricky to build up layers without clumping. Thankfully once the mascara was on it didn’t go anywhere, I experienced no smudging, or flaking, even on the hottest day.

Obviously another point in false lash queens favour is it’s price, it’s only £3, and i’ve used mascaras that are a lot worse for much more money. It’s also cruelty- free, which makes it a nice, affordable cruelty-free option.

I’m on the fence about repurchasing, it’s decent but not spectacular. Essences Lash Princess is the same price and has a formula that works much better for me but it's always sold out. However I have had quite a positive experience with Lash Queen and I am absolutely going to try out some other Primark mascaras. I have heard good things about Aqua Lash. For the price point it would be rude not to.

Final score: 3.5/5

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