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Extra Spicy

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Mousse in 'Spice'.

You don’t hear much about Revlon’s matte lipsticks, which is a pity, because they’re a hidden gem. Spice is a tawny, reddish brown shade. This pulls quite muted on me. I don't own another colour like it at all, the closest I can think of is Nyx Budapest.

The formula is mousse-y, with a whipped texture. It goes on creamy, and then slowly dries, although not completely. Don’t worry though, because it doesn’t go anywhere. It always feels comfortable on the lips, with none of that tight powdery feeling some liquid lipsticks can cause when you press your lips together.

The formula is deceptively long-lasting. It doesn’t wear off when eating or drinking. If it does, touching up is easy, and doesn’t cause crumbling. This is almost as long-lasting as Maybelline super stay liquid lipsticks, but far gentler on the lips. It is also easier to remove.

This is an excellent liquid lipstick and the line has some very interesting shades in it. Next on my list in the intriguingly named ‘Death Valley’.

Would I repurchase? Yes.

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