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Elf on the Shelf

Elf review round-up

It’s no n’wah November* so what better time than to post an Elf review?

Elf sheer matte liquid lipstick in ‘Deep Dahlia’.

First up is Elf’s sheer matte liquid lipstick. I was intrigued by the concept, and had it sitting in my basket for a long time before finally hitting purchase (I bought it from Feel Unique.) I thought the formula might be like the L’Oreal Paris Rouge Signature Matte which are part liquid lipstick and part stain. However, the Elf sheer matte just feels like a regular liquid lipstick, just with a thinner formula. You can add a single layer, and get a wash of colour or add two or three layers and get the deep berry shade the tube promises. The formula, to my surprise, is a little drying. It doesn’t last through drinking or eating but will wear away on the centre of the lips. Unlike a thicker liquid lipstick, it doesn’t flake or crumble. I do like this product, and it’s become part of my regular rotation, but I don’t feel the urge to get any more colours. Below you can see one layer on.

Elf Glitter Melt Liquid Eyeshadow in ‘flirty birdy’.

I bought this particular shade because the name reminds me of that episode in Mad Men where they’re all watching ‘bye bye Birdie’. I know, what an irrelevant and odd reason to buy something. The shade flirty birdy is a warm neutral shade shot through with silver glitter. The glitter mostly stays where you put it, although I have found a few stray flakes on the dog. It’s nice, but even though it’s literally called a glitter eyeshadow, I was expecting it to be more shimmery. Anyway, once I got over my shock of SO much glitter everywhere, I really like it. it’s blends easily, it doesn’t irritate my eyes, and it goes with pretty much any makeup look. I plan to pick up another colour or two in the future.

Elf Seriously satin lipstick in ‘Cider’.

I saved the best ‘til last because, oh boy, do I love this lipstick. The shade Cider is a brown-y orange and the absolute perfect autumn shade. It’s such a unique colour, I’ve not owned or seen anything like it. The formula is amazing. It’s described as a satin but I’d say it’s more a semi-matte. It hugs every curve of your lips and glides over any dryness. It’s extremely light with none of that heavy waxy feel some lipsticks have. This is genuinely one of the best lipstick formulas I’ve tried. No, it’s not super long lasting, but it’s freaking comfortable and easy to work with. And did I mention it’s only three freaking quid? I have my eye on the shades ‘sugarplum’ and ‘cocoa’ next. Below you can see it on.

*No N’wah November is not a thing, I just find it extremely funny. N’wah is an insult the dark elves growl at people in the Elder Scrolls games.

Ah so many elves, so little time.

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