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Dark words, dark deeds

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in ‘Brun’Croyable’ and ‘Dark Cherie’

Bourjois Satin Edition eyeshadow in ‘Mauve your body’

It’s no secret that I love Bourjois, and recently I couldn’t resist picking up two more shades from their Rogue edition velvet line, as well as an eyeshadow.

The Rogue edition velvet liquid lipsticks are somewhat like Nyx’s soft matte lip creams. They take a little while to dry, usually 2 to 3 minutes, and then set matte. They have a comfortable, mousse-like texture, and are completely none drying. Once set they won’t bleed or feather, and will survive drinking, but do wear away while eating. They’re easy to reapply and layer well. They make your lips look plump and velvety, hence the name I suppose!

Swatches from top to bottom:


Mauve Your Body

Dark Cherie

The entire line comprises of 37 shades, including some quite unusual ones, like Brun’Croyable. This is an interesting shade. While dithering about whether to buy it or not, I realised there were very few reviews out there about it, and that’s what led me to write this one. The shade swatches reddish brown on my hand, although on the lips it looks more russet. It’s a very autumnal shade, and I don’t have any other lipstick remotely similar. Like almost all the Rogue velvets, a very thin layer is enough to give full opacity. Below, Brun'Croyable on the lips.

The shade ‘Dark Cherie’ is another unusual colour; mid-way between a plum and a burgundy. I really love this one. Here I've paired it with Mac’s burgundy lip liner.

While lipstick shopping, I also decided to try out Bourjois’ liquid eyeshadow. I prefer liquid eyeshadow to powder. Mainly because I’m lazy and can’t be bothered with blending more than one or two eyeshadows shades, but also because I have very sensitive eyes. Powder products can clog up my eyes but liquid eyeshadow is much gentler, and doesn’t irritate. ‘Mauve your Body’ despite the name, is a taupe brown with a hint of shimmer. I blended a small amount over Mac’s paint pot in Painterly and was very happy with the result. It lasted several hours without fading or creasing. I will probably be picking up some more shades.

Have you tried anything from Bourjois?

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