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Call me maybe

Nars Powermatte lip pigment

Nars Velvet matte lip pencil

For a makeup bargain hunter, there’s nothing quite like checking out the Tk Maxx beauty section. Will you find a fabulous bargain? Will the shelves be completely bare, devoid of anything except a few stray particles of smushed eyeshadow and glitter? Or, most disappointedly, will you find some hidden gem only to open it up and find some cheeky twat has already dug into it with their grimy fingers?

Thankfully, after weeks of makeup disappointments, on my last visit the Gods were with me. I found not one, but two Nars lip products, as pristine as if I had purchased them from Space Nk, but a hell of a lot cheaper. Below are both shades swatched, 'Let's go crazy' at the top and 'Call me' below.

I’m a big fan of the Nars velvet matte lip pencils. I recommend them to everyone. My favourite shades are ‘Damned’ and ‘Dragon Girl’. I’ve purchased these colours several times over. The shade I found, ‘Let’s go crazy’, is a bright, hot pink. It’s a very wearable colour, and I think it would suit anyone, regardless of skin tone. Like all the velvet matte pencils, it goes on smooth and matte, and lasts through drinking and eating, eventually fading evenly into a stain. The shade lets go crazy is matte but I think I can detect the slightest shimmer in the formula, just enough to give it an extra dimension, and make your lips pop. It’s a very nice colour, but it’s also a colour that screams ‘summer’ to me. I will probably put it away and return to it in the lighter, brighter months. Below, 'Let's go crazy' on the lips.

The second shade ‘Call me’ is part of the Powermatte liquid pigment line. I only have one other shade in this collection, ‘Under my thumb’, a deep red. The Nars liquid lips are excellent. They feel almost weightless on your lips. They don’t dry them out, bleed or feather. I would go as far as to say they are an almost perfect liquid lip formulation. They will survive drinking and eating and, like the velvet pencils, eventually fade into a stain. I was a bit iffy if the shade ‘Call me’ would suit me. Coral is not a lip colour I’ve ever tried. ‘Call me’ pulls a dirty peach on me, and to my great surprise, I really like it. It’s very 70s French Rivera. I think it would look great paired with a bright green or blue eyeshadow. This is another colour I’m going to put away for spring, and I think I’ll get good use out of it. Below you can see it on.

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