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Sleek as a panther

Sleek Hydrating primer

Sleek felt liner in Zodiac Black

I do like Sleek as a brand, although I haven’t used anything of theirs for a while. Unfortunately, they kinda dropped off my radar, which is a shame. Their range also seems to have shrunk, but it may just be my local Boots? Anyway, when they had a buy one, get one half price deal, I bought these two products to try.

First up is their hydrating primer. I really like it. I like the, ahem, sleek black packaging; the tube is easy to hold and unscrew. The actual primer itself is a white, thin lotion and sinks quickly into the skin. There’s no discernible scent. I have very sensitive skin and this doesn’t irritate me or cause any congestion. The primer makes my skin look brighter, fresher, and helps my makeup wear better. I would absolutely repurchase this.

Second up is their felt liner. I read a lot of good reviews about this liner before but I’m afraid I wasn’t impressed. The nib is nice and thin, but not long enough, so I found it difficult to wing out my eyeliner. It also wasn’t very black. These problems would be bad enough on their own but I was also, unfortunately, allergic to this eyeliner. My eyelids started to swell and burn a few seconds after I applied it. Consequently, I wouldn’t recommend this liner for sensitive eyes. Pushing past the pain (lol), I wasn’t particularly impressed with the wear time either, it didn’t flake, but instead it faded, which I’ve never had from a felt liner before. I’m amazed that this liner has so many positive reviews but there you go.

Are you a fan of Sleek?

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