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It was actually my nan that kept telling me to try makeup from Poundland. All her makeup is from there (and Maxfactor, in case you’re interested in her beauty secrets). I don’t have a Poundland near me so I had to wait until the next time I popped into town. They had quite a nice display, and I chose a small selection of products. I didn’t try any of the eye makeup, as I suffer from dry eye and am allergic to a lot of eye products.

The first thing I tried was the pressed powder. I already use quite a cheap powder, it’s from Collection and it’s £1.99, but hey if I can save a pound, right? Unfortunately, the powder is the dud of this review. Although I picked the shade 'translucent' the powder was far, far too yellow and made me look like Marge Simpson.

The next product I tried was Makeup Galleries matte lip colour (see above). The lipsticks come in small solid-coloured containers that look almost exactly like Nyx soft matte lip creams. I’m a big fan of the SMLCs, in the past I’ve owned almost every colour, so I was intrigued to see how Poundland’s version would measure up. And the verdict? Well, not bad, not bad at all. Listen, this isn’t one of those long-lasting, stay on through the apocalypse type of liquid lipsticks. But it will stay where you put it on your lips, and not bleed or feather. It has a mousse-like formula that takes a while to dry down, about ten minutes, but once it’s there it’s set. It doesn’t appear to fade throughout the day, but will wear away with eating. It have a light vanilla scent too, almost exactly like the SMLCs. The shade I chose, ‘Plum Crush’ is a very flattering mid-toned berry, and would suit anyone. At only a pound, I will probably pick up another shade or two.

Pictured: Blush Rose pared with a Lavender shade (from Avon).

I was most impressed with the nail varnish. Makeup galleries nail polish claims to be long-lasting and quick-drying, and it’s completely true. I love fast drying nail varnish, and this dries in ten seconds flat. It’s amazing. The shade selection is nice too, there’s some shimmers and glitters as well as a nice variety of colours. The formula is neither watery or gloopy. The shades I choose were ‘Latte’, a light, mushroom-y brown, and ‘Blush Rose’, a dusky pink. Latte is very wearable, and very work friendly. It’s a great ‘nude’ nail shade. Both shades lasting 4-5 days before they started chipping, and even than the chipping was minor. I will absolutely be buying some more shades, and I hope Makeup Gallery expand the shade range further. Below is Latte on the nails.

I quite enjoyed my experience with makeup from Poundland. I will most likely return, as I would like to try their highlighters and blushers, so watch this space for another review.

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