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Carry on Crayoning

Maybelline Superstay ink crayon in ‘settle for more’.

Maybelline Face studio chrome extreme in ‘molten rose gold’.

Pencil style lipsticks or just standard lip pencils are my favourite kind of lipsticks. They don’t budge or smudge and they last fairly well too. My first foray into brightly coloured lipsticks was with a chubby stick style lip pencil, the Revlon just bitten range. I don’t think they make them anymore, which is a shame. They were my gateway pencil into the addictive world of lipsticks.

It seems Maybelline want to get into the chubby stick action as they’ve recently released a new range of Superstay ink crayons. The range boosts of ‘twelve vibrant matte shades’ and I choose the shade ‘settle for more’ a mid-toned red because I’m predictable as fuck. The lipstick comes in a plastic twist up tube, which is very convenient. A lot of pencil-style lipsticks have to be sharpened and you lose a lot of product while doing so, most notably my babies, the Nars velvet matte lip pencils. This lipstick even comes with a strangely shaped sharpener in its butt to keep your pencils point.

The actual formula of the lipstick feels very waxy. With waxy products, the pigmentation is often not there but no such problems here. Two swipes and you’re done. The product feels smooth and soft on the lips. It doesn’t feel heavy or claggy, in fact there’s barely any indication you’re wearing anything on your lips at all. It’s an incredible formula. After a few seconds, the lipstick adheres to your lips and ‘sets’ meaning it won’t smudge or run. I have a similar lipstick from Kiko which I love. However, the problem with the Kiko lipstick is it doesn’t survive eating or drinking, the Maybelline crayon does. It took a sizable pizza to finally wear away the product from my bottom lip (I’m on a diet now, I promise). The product was easy to reapply, although two layers did make it darker. But if I choose to do so, I could entirely wipe the lipstick off and reapply it fresh, it didn’t tug or dry out my lips at all. The shade ‘settle for more’ is a lovely, mid-toned neutral red. The sort of universal red that would suit anyone. I am honestly impressed with this new formula and I will probably try out another colour.

The product on my lips, towards the end of the day. Forgive the white cast on my hair-it's hair gel!

The second product I picked up from Maybelline was one of their ‘chrome extreme’ highlighters. I’ve heard a lot of good things about their highlighters and was itching to try one. The writing on the packaging promises ‘intense metallic highlighter’. How intense can a highlighter be? Well I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I told you this highlighter makes you shine like a god damn supernova. It is shiny as fuck. Every time I apply a bit of this I have to dab some off, lest I look like the tin man from Oz. You know those girls on Instagram, that are shimmering like a disco ball reindeer while partying in a dark club? Well, I think this is the highlighter they use. I was concerned that the shade ‘molten rose gold’ would be a little too dark for my skin tone but it’s okay, if as I said, I use a light hand. It’s not really a daytime highlighter, although I can’t say that’s stopped me from wearing it. There’s something addictive about shining like a sunbeam.

Have you tried either of these products? What did you think? Let me know, and keep on shining!

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