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It puts the lotion in the basket...

Miscellaneous skincare round up

I’ve tried a few different skincare products recently, and I thought I would share my thoughts. I have dry, sensitive skin, so sensitive in fact, that my skin cries at chick flicks. It’s a hard life, I tell you.

First up is the Al!ve exfoliating shower scrub. I’ve seen this brand for sale in my local Sainsburys and TK Maxx. They sell products designed to be used post gym. This charcoal and ginger scrub promises to help smooth and invigorate your skin. Well I love a good scrub and this is a great one. It smells fantastic, the gingery zing really wakes up the senses. The scrub is the perfect mix of, well, scrubbiness without being too harsh. My only complaint is the scrub itself is a black colour and can make a bit of a mess of the shower. It leaves skin beautifully soft, an effect that lasts for days.

Would I repurchase? Yes.

The next product I tried recently is Dermavitamins Rose Hip oil. I purchased this from amazon but it’s not too hard to get hold of Rose Hip oil. Rose hip oil is meant to be fantastically nourishing for the skin, and meant to help fade hyperpigmentation from acne. Since I suffer from cystic acne on my chin I was hoping it would help with fading the scarring in that area. I was surprised with how orange the oil is, it looked like I had applied fake tan when I put it on. Unfortunately, my sensitive skin threw a tantrum and started burning. I tried the oil a couple of times, and both times had to wash it off and scrub my face. It’s a real shame as rose hip oil is meant to be so good for your skin. I am very disappointed I couldn’t enjoy the benefits.

Would I repurchase? No.

Ah, now here’s an interesting product. La Roche-Posay is a skincare brand beloved by many. I can safely say that this is the most I have ever paid for an eye cream, and I was ready to be disappointed. The La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Eyes is meant to sooth sensitive skin and also claims to reduce puffiness. The cream itself is very thin and runny, and a few times now its migrated right into my eyeball, which is not pleasant. The cream itself burnt slightly upon application but I persevered and gradually my skin became acclimatized. The reason I carried on using it is because it does reduce my puffiness. I have natural, big eye bags. There’s a photo I found recently of me at three years old, knocking about with eye bags, it’s an unfortunate part of my face shape. Alas as I age, my eye bags are getting puffier and baggier by the minute. I was not expecting miracles from this eye cream but it did help, a tiny bit. But hey, a tiny bit is better than no bit, right? The cream itself didn’t set off my eczema or cause any milia, which I’ve had from other eye creams in the past. I did notice if I used it several days in a row my eye bags started to look a bit wrinkly, so I don’t use this cream every day.

Would I repurchase? Yes.

The last product I have tried recently is this sheet mask from Neogen Dermalogy. I bought this from Selfridges, they had a whole wall of Korean skincare masks. I was very excited to try this one, as I know my skin responds positively to aloe vera. The mask didn’t disappoint when I pulled it out the packet, it was absolutely saturated with product. The mask was a little wide for my face, it ended up lapping on to my hair line, but hey the price we pay for beauty. The mask claims to sooth and calm delicate skin, and to leave it on for 20 minutes, and then massage in the remaining serum. I’ve had quite bad dry, red skin recently so I was looking forward to this mask. After ten minutes of this mask being on my skin started to feel a little tight so I took it off. My skin is so dry that there was no remaining serum. My skin felt okay. I didn’t react to the mask, or get a rash or anything like that. My skin looked a little smoother, and felt a little softer but not amazingly so. In fact, it made the dry patch on my upper lip a little drier. I would heartily recommend the body shops aloe vera mask over this one, even if it is more expensive.

Would I repurchase? No.

So, there you have it, most of the skincare products I’ve tried recently. I’d love to experiment a bit more with skincare, but my skin is a little bitch about everything. Do you have sensitive skin? Let me know!

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