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(smart)Price of beauty

NSPA soothing & rejuvenating sheet mask

NSPA Brightening flash serum

Nspa Beauty Rituals is Asda’s own brand skincare range. As you might imagine it’s quite affordable. My nearest Asda doesn’t offer much in the way of beauty products (It doesn’t even sell nail varnish remover!) so when I came across these two products I unflinchingly flung them into my shopping basket (and ended up with a very puzzled husband wondering why just buying ramen had cost so much).

First up is the face mask. Now I don’t know about you but I love a good face mask. As someone with sensitive skin facemasks are often the one step of skincare I can try. This one offered to moisturise and sooth dry skin, which sounded ideal. The packet itself felt tantalizingly squidgy, but upon eagerly ripping it open, I was confronted with something akin to a dry baby wipe. Undeterred I pressed on, unfolding the sheet, which stayed forbiddingly dry, and pasting it across my face. The mask stank to high heaven, a heady cocktail of cough medicine and Vicks vapour rub. My eyes started to burn with the fumes. The mask directed me to leave it on for 5-10 minutes and then massage in any remaining serum. Well, dear reader, I lasted perhaps 3 before I had to rip it off, and there certainly wasn’t any remaining serum. The sheet mask had the texture of dry paper. Perhaps I got a defective one? Who knows, but I am certainly not trying again!

The brightening flash serum was a lot more promising. Upon closely inspecting the bottle I realised it was full of tiny flecks of gold glitter, which seems a bit of cheaters way to brighten the skin. So much for a natural glow! However, after applying I closely inspected my face to see if I resembled a disco ball and I did not. I did however look brighter, fresher, and well, just better. It layered perfectly under my foundation and didn’t make me look greasy or make it pill or flake. The serum also didn’t cause any sort of adverse reaction, although I did notice when I put a bit more on, that a bit of the dreaded medicinal smell started to emerge. So reader be warned, apply this serum with a light hand!

Overall a mixed bag from Asda’s Nspa range. If my local store gets anything else in, I may try it, although the fierce smell is a bit off putting.

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