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L'Oréal Paris Rouge Signature Lasting Matte Liquid Lipstick in ‘I Enjoy’

So, L’Oréal have recently released a new range of liquid lipsticks claiming they have the staying (and staining) power of a lip stain combined with a liquid lipstick. There are twelve new shades to choose from, and I picked up, predictably, ‘I Enjoy’ a rich berry shade. One day I’m just going to turn into a mulberry, then I’ll be sorry.

The packaging is simple, and sleek, and it definitely caught my eye whilst browsing. The shade ‘I enjoy’ is a pinkish-purple berry that was an absolute bugger to photograph. In some photos it looks burgundy, and in others pink, but it’s more purple to the naked eye. It’s a true, delicious berry and I love it. If you’ve read my last two liquid lipstick reviews you’ll know I’ve had some trouble recently with supposed ‘berry’ colours turning out to be fuchsia pink once applied. The colour is comparable to NYX’s soft matte lip cream in Copenhagen, my HG berry lip. Below Copenhagen is above, and I Enjoy below:

The formula is excellent, one of the best liquid lip formulas that I have tried. It goes on, and doesn’t budge, but doesn’t suck out all the moisture from your lips either. It stays on during drinking, although it will fade in the centre of your lips after eating. It feels a little drying once applied, but the feeling doesn’t increase, and I don’t get that parched feeling on the corners of my mouth that some liquid lipsticks cause. Once it’s faded, it leaves behind a pink stain. It’s also easy to remove with a standard makeup wipe. There’s only one problem I have with this lipstick, and it’s the applicator. Instead of a normal doe-foot applicator, the applicator is a slanted shovel shape. Perhaps this is meant to make it easier to apply? Or maybe it’s all the better to hold the gel-like formula? Whatever the reason, I hate it and I find applying the lipstick with it horrendously difficult. Maybe there’s some obvious technique that I’m missing.

Still, awful applicator asides, this is a great liquid lipstick, for a very reasonable price point. I will probably pick up ‘I dare’ a deep, dark shade, and see how it compares. Have you tried these lipsticks yet? What did you think?



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