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Third Base

MUA Pro Base concealer and MUA Blushed Matte Powder in Rose Tea.

I’ve always found MUA products quite hit and miss, so it’s fitting that in this review I have one hit and one miss. First up is the new Pro Base concealer. Recently released with an impressive 24 shades, this concealer promises lightweight but absolute coverage. I choose the shade 102 which is a good match for my skin tone, although it looks a little yellow-ish in the swatch picture.

I generally prefer lighter, more creamy concealers as I have very dry skin and the thick, full coverage ones can irritate. Swiping it on, the concealer seemed promising at first, there was, for one, no chemical smell. However, and it’s a big however, the concealer somehow managed to feel dry and thick, like a full coverage concealer, and yet it covered absolutely nothing. It completely disappeared as I blended it out. It was a ghost concealer. It could not be layered, it could not be patted on. There was no coverage whatsoever. I don’t think I’ve ever used a concealer so bad in my life, and I used to use those greasy witch hazel sticks back in the early 00s. An absolute fail, the only upside of this concealer is that it is only £2.50.

Thankfully, the blusher is, honestly, a stand out product. Also £2.50, it comes in several different shades and looks beautiful, with a flower shape pressed into the pan. The blusher feels dry at first but blends out easily, without dragging on the skin. And, boy, does it last. I’ve worn it to the gym and it survived a sweaty workout with ease, and then lasted on throughout the day without any reapplying. The shade Rose Tea (although shouldn’t that be Tea Rose, MUA?) is a medium, flushed pink shade, and a very good match for my skin. I’ve worn this blush every day since I purchased it, as it’s such a gentle, neutral sort of pink it matches any eyeshadow look or lipstick I choose to pair with it. I would highly recommend this blusher, and I will probably be picking up more shades to try.

The blush at the end of the day, after the gym, a long dog walk and pretending to do housework. My powders disappeared, but the blusher sure hasn't!

Are you a fan of MUA? What products would you recommend?

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