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Cold Pressed

Nyx Ultimate Edit Petite Shadow palette in ‘Warm Neutrals’

Nyx Suede Matte Lipstick in ‘Cold Brew’

Nonsensical coffee puns aside, I really love both these products. I know, shock horror, right? First, we have the eyeshadow palette. It contains six shades, all in decently sized pans. This is a relatively new release from Nyx and it comes in three other colourways. It currently retails for £7, which I think is quite reasonable. The quality of these eyeshadows is fantastic. Really, I cannot praise them enough. They are smooth, pigmented and they have no fallout whatsoever (Is it just me or does typing Fallout make anyone else think of the game?). These eyeshadows are wonderfully pigmented but they blend out easily. All the eyeshadows go with each other and all can be worn by themselves as a one-and-done shade. There are four matte shades and two shimmers. This little edited palette would be fantastic to travel with. There are no duds in this palette, or useless colours that you never end up using. I haven’t tried the other versions yet but they’re right at the top of my wish list. I have nothing bad to say about this palette, how boring of me!

Secondly, we have the lipstick, another newer release. I must just say that the packaging is adorable; sturdy black with a heart-shaped clasp. There is an amazing selection of colours in this range, from dark green to magenta. No true red though, which I thought was a little odd. I choose the shade ‘Cold Brew’ which as the name suggested is a dark, coffee-brown shade. The formula of this lipstick is fantastic, it applies easily, it doesn’t feather or bleed without a liner, and it stays put and doesn’t smear everywhere. It also feels comfortable on the lips. I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand lipsticks that feel like a thick layer. It is a true matte, not a semi-matte or a –God forbid- shiny lipstick, like so many matte lipsticks claim to be but end up being. However, as it’s a bullet not a liquid formula, the lipstick is completely non-drying. The colour ‘Cold Brew’ unfortunately doesn’t really suit me. I’ll still wear it, because I like the colour, and the formula and I shall not be defeated-okay! But it’s a very cool-toned lipstick and it clashes with my super-pale but somehow still neutral toned skin. It’s a weird one. It swatches a bit darker on the lips then you can see on my wrist, I think it would work as a great nude shade for someone with darker skin. Once again, I will be getting hold of another shade or two to try as I just love the formula, and I’m a sucker for anything remotely heart-shaped. The lipsticks currently retail for £8, which is a little more then I like to pay for drugstore lip products, but pale in comparison to what I’ve spent on Nars & Mac in the past. So really, I should stop griping.

Have you tried either of these products? Are you a fan of Nyx in general? Let me know!

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