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Lime Crime Velvetine in ‘Beet It’

This liquid lipstick was on my wish list for years. I felt guilty lusting over it for so long as every time I frequented a makeup forum Lime Crime was always mentioned under ‘problematic’ brands. But then they started selling it in Selfridges, so my guilt was somewhat assuaged. I purchased this lipstick online at Pretty Little Thing as they were having a sale on Lime Crime, and, well, I’m actually glad I didn’t pay full price.

The first thing that struck me was how beautiful the packaging was. Beautiful, and small. Full price this liquid lipstick costs £18. The tube only holds 2.6ml of product. For comparison, the Retro Matte liquid lipsticks from Mac cost exactly the same, and hold 5ml of product. And, of course, there are many other liquid lipsticks out there with much more product for much less price. I think it’s quite cheap of Lime Crime to charge so much when you’re getting on average half as much product. But the dinky little tube is pretty, I’ll give you that, with a frosted glass exterior and patterned roses on the doe foot applicator.

Unfortunately, the next thing I was disappointed by is the colour. Now this isn’t completely the lipsticks fault. I am rather pale, some may even say casper-like, and I have fairly pigmented lips, so lipsticks tend to come up different shades on me then in swatches, but with a name like ‘Beet It’ I was expecting a dark, purplish, berry tone. I remember swatching this lipstick in Selfridges and that’s what it looked like on my hand. This was going to be the ultimate berry lipstick, a true companion for the dark winter months, my number one holy grail lipstick-wait. Why the fuck does it look pink!? Yes, ‘Beet it’, alas, comes out pink on me. It’s a dark pink, to be sure, but it’s still fucking pink. There’s not even a hint of magenta, or wine, or maroon. It’s pink. There’s no hint of that luscious, mysterious berry that was promised in the tube and on the packaging, hell even in the name! Where’s my beetroot!?

Now on to the formula. This, I’m sure you’re relieved to find, I have no grumbles with. The Lime Crime Velvetines were some of the OG liquid lipsticks, and I’m more than surprised that their formula holds up well today. ‘Beet it’, pink as it is, is extremely pigmented. You need barely half a swipe to cover both lips. It’s a comfortable formula, there’s no cracking, flaking or crumbling. My lips started to feel a little dry at the corners after about five hours wear, but it wasn’t overly bothersome. It held on all day, and stayed looking as fresh as when it was first applied. When eating or drinking there was some wear on the inner lip but it was easy to reapply with another layer. The layer didn’t peel or flake, and the lipstick stayed looking even, with no change to the colour. It was the formula that made me really like this lipstick.

Despite my complaints, I probably will buy one more lipstick to try, I have my eye on Saint, which is quite a unique, dark colour. However, I will buy it in person, and make sure I swatch it.

Have you tried anything from Lime crime before? What did you think?

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