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Nyx Worth the Hype mascara & Nyx Epic Ink liner

Worth the Hype mascara

Well, I’m sure the question on everyone’s lips is- is this mascara worth the hype? Well, no. No, it’s not. It’s not an awful mascara by any means, but for the price point there are many better ones out there. I was initially impressed by the wand, it’s nice and fat, and easy to use. I do like a big wand (cough). Alas, the formula is a little lacking. Nyx’s biggest problem with this mascara is the name. If they had named it, oh I don’t know, ‘defined and enhanced’ I would be a lot more impressed, as that is what this mascara does. It's a very dry formula that defines the lashes, and makes them darker. There’s no dramatic volume or lift, although it does separate the lashes nicely. It doesn’t clump or flake, and it seems to be suitable for sensitive eyes. For me personally, however, there’s not enough oomph.

Epic ink liner

Now, this eyeliner is more promising. It’s not quite as black as I would like, and the tip is a little blunt, so it’s hard to get a sharp edge to your wing, but everything else is spot on. It glides easily, it doesn’t flake and it doesn’t smudge. It even survived me crying hysterically on the tube for an hour (don’t ask). For the price, I’d say it’s one of the better pen-like liquid liners out there. Unfortunately, after several days of wear, it started to make my eyelids unbelievably itchy. I can only imagine I am sensitive to one of the ingredients. So, if you’re fed up of me bringing up my sensitive eyes in every review, know that the struggle is real. I am sadly allergic to this eyeliner, and it’s meant to be suitable for sensitive eyes! If, however, you are of a more robust disposition I heartily recommend this eyeliner. Below is a picture of me wearing both products.

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