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Olive Oyl

Nyx Perfect Filter Palette in ‘Olive You’

Remember in Popeye when Olive Oyl would see Popeye and her heart would start beating out of her chest? That’s how I feel about this palette, which is funny, because I didn’t think I would even like it. It came in a set with two other Nyx products I was much more excited about. This poor palette was cast aside. It looked dull, it looked green, it didn’t look like something that would suit me. Then I picked it up, and properly looked at it.

This palette holds a marvellous selection of colours. The aforementioned olive green, yes, but also a deep purple, a yellow gold and even some warm nudes. I started with the nudes. It was my first foray into eyeshadow for quite some time, as I had a nasty virus over Christmas that affected my eyes. They blended smoothly and easily, and lasted all day. They didn’t irritate my sensitive eyes. My husband, who never notices these things, did a double-take and said I looked nice. The next time I tried this palette I dipped into the green. I’ve been looking for a decent green eyeshadow for months, possibly even years, and the two shimmery greens in here are perfect. They blend easily, they’re not too bold. Yes, notice I said not too bold. There’s a huge trend right now for super-pigmented eyeshadow. I want my eyeshadow to be pigmented yes, but not to the point where one swipe looks like it gives me a black eye. I’m too old and my eyes are too deep-set for all this thick, one swipe nonsense. I want to be able to build my eyeshadow up gradually, and not have it flake off or puff everywhere. The eyeshadows in this palette do just that. They are a perfect balance between strongly pigmented and that ashy 90s shadow that took ages to apply. Some might even say a perfect filter. Ahem.

I’d not tried an eyeshadow palette from Nyx before this one, although I have tried their single eyeshadows and I like them. The single ‘Stiletto’ is one everyday one-and-done eyeshadow and I’ve repurchased it many times. This eyeshadow palette currently costs £16 which is, well, it’s a little on the pricy side for a ‘drugstore’ palette. But Nyx have been pushing up their prices lately. This palette comes in four other colour ways, and I might pick up another one. Nyx is one of my favourite makeup brands, although their products can be very hit or miss. If you’re after a green-based palette, this might be the one for you.

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