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My most worn clothing styles of 2018

Happy 2019 everyone. Are you hungover? Who, me? No, I’m fresh as a daisy… I’ve read a lot of year retrospectives on blogs and whatnot during the past week, and it got me thinking about my own year. I didn’t go on any exciting adventures in 2018. It was a year I spent close to home, with family. But what I did do was enjoy putting together outfits, and experimenting with different clothing styles for the first time in a long time. These are my most worn clothing styles of 2018.

1) Mustard yellow

I’ve always had a soft spot for condiment colours. Mustard, ketchup, hell, even a bit of chutney-brown. Is that odd? It sounds a bit odd. Some might say my obsession with mustard yellow started with a scarf. Last winter my husband travelled to India for a wedding, and brought me back a long, soft mustard-yellow scarf. A mustard cardigan purchased in Primark soon followed, and reignited my love of mustard yellow. I am now the proud owner of various Colman-hued items.

2) Asos Farleigh Mom jeans

Although it may seem like I’m wearing black skinny jeans in every Instagram picture, I wear my mom jeans a lot more. I’m pear-shaped, and have to size up to fit my rather ample bottom into the non-stretch denim, and hence my mom jeans are more on the baggier side than slim leg, which I like. These jeans are invaluable for changing into after the gym, and hot summer days, and even in winter, with long socks and my boots. My favourite pair are ‘washed black’ which are actually a dark grey.

3) Leopard print

I’ve had a love affair with leopard print since I was in my late teens. Sometimes I wonder if I am actually a reincarnated Leopard, so strong is my pull to spotted items. Luckily for me or rather less luckily for my bank balance, 2018 was the year animal print was everywhere and I’ve really had to sit on my hands, lest I buy every animal print item in the shop. Somehow, I’ve still ended up with half a dozen new leopard print items, in various colours. I’ve even dabbled in a bit of snake print. Hiss hiss.

4) Bodysuits

Despite my husband delighting in telling me, continuously, about a GIF he saw, of a woman doing the conga, and her bodysuit snapping open, 2018 was for me, the year of the bodysuit. For a start, they go perfectly with Mom jeans, even if this new silhouette makes me look like my mum’s friend in the 90s. I am a complete convert to bodysuits. Yes, I will admit the poppers are annoying, but it’s so convenient sitting down and not having to worry about things coming untucked or flashing a sliver of bum crack at people. And, no husband, I am not going wrestling, I am clearly going to ballet. –Points toe-

5) Black converse

Fun fact, I bought my first pair of converse at thirteen from Freemans catalogue, and they’ve been my go-to trainers ever since. My current black pair, poor things, are so faded they’re more brown than black. My converse have been invaluable to me this year, especially for walking the dog in, during that long, meltingly hot summer we had. I’m a little sad that it’s winter now, and I can’t wear them, as they go with everything.

So that’s my clothing retrospective. Exciting, huh. There were other things of course, I’m still a sucker for a graphic tee, and black skinny jeans, and cardigans in general, but if I list everything we’ll be here till next year. Do you have any favourite clothing styles? Let me know, and have a lovely 2019.

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