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Sweet like chocolate

I Heart Revolution Choc Mint mini eyeshadow palette

Well isn’t this eyeshadow palette just a sweet treat for the eyes, eh? I’ve wanted to pick up one of these chocolate bar themed palettes for a while, but I didn’t really find one with a colour selection that really appealed. But the other week I found myself in a completely empty, well stocked Superdrug and came across this bad boy. It has a great selection of party-appropriate shades, including a champagne shimmer, some glimmering bronze, and, what really drew me to this palette, a pop of dark, almost teal green. Below is the palette swatched.

The packaging of this palette is lovely and solid, and it has a mirror, which is a nice touch for a very reasonably priced palette. The shadows themselves are a good size too, they're not too small, and easy to get a brush into. The quality of these eyeshadows I’ve found is not quite as good as their sister brand Revolution, but don't get me wrong, they're still pretty damn good. Unfortunately, I did find the green shade in the palette was impossible to blend with the other shades, but I’ve found this with other matte greens I’ve tried, so this may be a problem with green formulas in general. It was also a little patchy, but with persistence it could be built up . I didn't have this problem with any of the other shades. The glittery shades in particular are just gorgeous, they blended easily with little to no fallout. They also worked nicely as a highlight. I will say that I used all these shadows without any sort of eyeshadow primer, as I’m currently all out, so they would probably blend better with some sort of base.

This is a look I did with the green blended out, and the champagne-y shimmer on top. This look lasted all day and didn't crease or fade.

Here is a look I did using the bronze, and cool brown in my crease. Once again, there was no creasing or faded, pretty impressive considering I applied these shadows on a bare lid!

If you’re looking for a fun, shimmery palette to carry you through party season, or you just love wearing sparkly eyeshadow to walk the dog in, like me, then this palette is the one for you. I had a lot of fun playing with this palette, and was able to do a variety of looks with the selection of colours.



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