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A wrinkle in time

Lacura Q10 Multi Intensive Serum

I’m at that age now (coughthirtycough) where I feel I should be spending more money on skincare and less on makeup. My skin however, wholeheartedly disagrees. It is sensitive to the point of hysteria, and any pricy lotions and potions have been consigned to the bathroom cupboard, to sit gathering dust, and causing me to grit my teeth whenever I open the cupboard door, sighing at all the money I have wasted.

Lacura is Aldi’s own brand of skincare, and I had read good things about it, but I didn’t really believe them. Not because it was cheap, oh no, but because my skin pretty much hates everything. Still, an Aldi recently opened close by to where I live, and while perusing the brand-new aisles I came across their small, but select, skincare range. This serum was only £2.99. Even if it caused my skin to react, I reasoned, what was the harm in trying?

Well, dear reader. This serum did not cause my skin to react, in fact it’s bloody marvellous. The serum comes in a plastic tube with a pump, ensuring no product is wasted. It feels like a light cream and sinks straight into the skin in seconds. My skin appears plumper, smoother and my wrinkles appear reduced. Even my disparaging mother, who thinks I need botox, noticed a difference in my skin. More so, this serum doesn’t pill when you apply makeup over the top, and layers easily under any other moisturiser you choose to use. It hasn’t caused my skin to react, no burning, no redness, and best of all, none of those pesky closed comedones that can happen when I use a rich skincare product. My only complaint is the serum has a very strong perfumed scent but this does disappear in a few seconds after application.

All this for £2.99? It’s a skincare miracle! I shall be returning to Aldi to pick up some more of their skincare to try, so watch this space for more reviews.

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