• Jade Hiller


Kiko matte liquid lip colour in ’03 Amaranth’

Amaranth is a genus of plant that have dark, almost burgundy leaves, so you can see where Kiko were going with the naming of this liquid lipstick. It’s such a unique, gorgeous colour, unlike anything else in my lipstick collection, a purplish brown with a hint of a tint of wine is the only way I can describe it. It’s very easy to apply, it has a flexible doe-foot application, and it dries quickly, but not too quickly, giving you time to line and fill in your lips.

The formula of this liquid lipstick is more paint-like than a gel, so it can start to feel drying after several hours of wear. If you have particularly dry or sensitive lips this liquid lipstick will most likely be too drying for you. It is however, very long lasting, it will last easily through drinking and wear away slightly in the centre while eating. It is very easy to reapply, there’s none of that annoying crumbling or balling up when you apply a second layer. It doesn’t become patchy or ruin the colour either with a second coat, which is a huge plus point for me. I’m so sick of liquid lipsticks being one colour in the morning, then transforming into something completely different when I’ve had to reapply!

It almost goes without saying that, as a liquid lipstick, this product won’t bleed or fade. Below you can see it on the lips.

Despite it being slightly drying, the unique colour of this lipstick draws me to it time and time again. Kiko have a lot of other very unique colours in their range, for very reasonable prices, and I’m itching to make a trip to my nearest Kiko store and pick up a few more. Everything I’ve tried from Kiko cosmetics over the years has been either good or excellent, and it’s well worth giving them a try.




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