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Shark-infested Custard

Cantu Define & Shine Custard

So, there I was, standing in Superdrug, looking at the myriad of hair products for curly hair that simply didn’t exist when I was younger, and wondering if any of them were actually worth trying. I’d heard a lot of good things about the brand ‘Cantu’ so I picked up a pot of their hair custard. I mean I like custard-but custard for your hair? Googling reviews I couldn’t find a damn thing, so by writing this, I feel I am performing a public service. So, is Cantu’s Define & Shine Custard any good? Short answer…yes.

Just so you have a little back story, I have a mix of 3A and 3B hair and it’s dry. It doesn’t matter how much oil or leave-in conditioner I use, my hair is just dry. I have to put water on it or it’s impossible to do anything with, even manoeuvring my hair into a pony tail is hard work without wetting it first. I put the Define & Shine Custard on wet hair fresh from washing, as I do with my usual product. After returning home and watching a YT review on this product, I followed the ladies’ advice and took my time really working the product into my hair in sections. Then I left it to air dry. The product smells nice, it’s a fruity pineapple sort of smell, but the smell doesn’t linger. The product is slightly sticky, I had to wash my hands after application. I was quite anxious about trying a new hair product, I’ve been using the same gel-based product for nigh on twelve years, and although I’ve tried other products, they’ve always been a disaster.

With the Define & Shine Custard, however, I was pleasantly surprised. For a start, my hair dried super fast, like, within an hour. It can take up to four or five hours in the winter for my long hair to dry completely, so this was an immediate plus point. I really liked how my hair turned out, it felt soft, and looked voluminous without being bushy. I had no problem with white flakes or with a white cast. Oh well ok, one piece of hair had a little cast on it, but I wet that with water and it disappeared. My hair wasn’t crunchy at all, in fact it felt so nice I was constantly touching it all day. The hold was pretty good too, I have quite long hair, and it held its shape until the end of the day. The next day, even though I slept with my hair down, I still had quite defined curls. Since buying Cantu’s hair custard I have been using it every day, with a little of my usual gel on the more fluffy parts of my hair. It’s a really great product, and I highly recommend it.

Above: My hair fully dry, with only the hair custard on it.

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