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Lipstick Queen lipstick in Knight (courageous)

Lately I’ve been toying with the idea of brown lipstick. I’ve been lusting after swatches of Mac’s Antique Velvet and other deep browns. But the last time I tried a brown lip I looked like holy-wood era Manson, and not in a good way. Hence it seemed silly to shell out so much on a lipstick shade that might not suit me. But brown lipstick just screams autumn to me, and I kept thinking about it...

Then I stumbled across a whole coterie of Lipstick Queen lipsticks in my local TKMaxx and one of them was brown, and I knew it had to be. The first thing that attracted me to this lipstick was the packaging. Lipstick Queen always have distinctive, illustrative packaging. True to its name the outside box is a sleek brown-and-white with a chess knight on the side. It’s very Harry Potter meets Alice through the looking glass. The actual lipstick tube is metal, and sturdy.

The lipstick is smooth and easy to apply, there’s no patchiness and no tugging. It’s a comfortable matte finish with no shine. Although the lipstick does feel slippery on the lips, there’s no movement or bleeding. I didn’t need to blot as the formula is so smooth. The colour is gorgeous. I was not expecting this shade to suit me, let alone for me to love it as much as I do. It’s a warm, medium brown, less chocolate more chestnut. I think it would work well as a nude on deeper skin tones.

The wear time is good. It wears away in the centre of your lips if you eat or drink anything but not dramatically. It doesn’t fade or feather, and I wore it without a liner. I definitely picked up a bargain, Knight is still available on Lipstick Queens website for £22. The formula is so good I would happily pay full price.

This lipstick has opened up a whole new spectrum of shades to me- bring on the browns!




London, UK


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