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I Heart Revolution Goddess of Love triple baked highlighter

I Heart Revolution Blushing Hearts triple baked blusher

Until very recently I was rather scathing of people who put highlighter on their noses.

‘Who wants to look like Rudolf the reindeer?’ I scoffed.

Well, now I’m eating my words. Highlighter is not just all over my nose, it’s on my cupids bow, my brow bone, you name it, I’ve highlighted it. I look like the tinman I’m so shiny. Somebody stop me. Or don’t, because it’s so damn pretty.

I’m not new to the whole

highlighter trend. I had Benefit high beam way back when, before highlighting was even a thing. But like all other liquid highlights I’ve tried, it disappeared as soon as I applied it. I didn’t have any better luck with powder highlight. They were cakey, and hard to blend, emphasising my skin texture. Or they were too powdery, and looked like I’d fallen face-first into a barrel of flour. Highlighters and I did not have a good relationship. Until, on a whim, I tried I heart Revolutions baked highlighter in ‘Goddess of Love.’ I don’t know what they’ve baked it with, but it might be magic.

Goddess of Love is part of a trio, and this shade is a pretty pearlescent pink with a hint-of-a-tint of gold. The formula is amazing. It’s soft, blendable and sits where you leave it. It applies equally well with fingers or a brush. The heart-shaped cardboard packaging is solid, and feels nice in the hand. I was so impressed by it I went to pick up another shade, but, alas, they were sold out, which brings me to my next product.

Above: Highlighter at the top, and baked blush below.

Blushing Hearts is a baked blush with three stripes of colour. You can swirl them together or apply each shade individually. The shimmery pink shade works well as a highlighter on its own. The other two pink shades are a cutesy fairy-princess-pink. Personally, I think they’re adorable. Like the highlighter, the blush is smooth and easy to apply. It’s doesn’t cake up but gives a lovely, shimmery flush to the skin. It’s quite long-wearing, and lasted through a sweaty gym session (is there any other kind?) and through most of the day without fading.

I thought initially these heart-shaped blushes and highlighters from I Heart Revolution were a little gimmicky, but the product inside more than speaks for itself. The packaging, while a little sickly-sweet for some, is admittedly rather cute. I will be trying the rest of the range, I have my eye on Dragon’s heart next. They currently retail for the very reasonable price of £5 each.

Above: My shiny, shiny face.

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