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Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils

Surprise! I’m a big fan of the Nars velvet matte lip pencils. I’ve always enjoyed a chubby, pencil style lip product. The Nars versions are some of the best out there. The only problem I have is with sharpening them, you do lose a fair whack of product every time you do so, which is a little upsetting, considering the damn things cost £21. And yes Francois, I am using the Nars sharpener. But, all things considered, this product is worth the money, even with that little problem. They don’t smear, smudge or bleed, and feel smooth and nourishing on the lips, despite the matte finish. Some of my favourite ever colours are part of this range, and I thought I would swatch them for you, because why the hell not?

Mysterious Red

The very first pencil I bought and the start of a glorious love affair. Mysterious Red is a bright, scarlet, Hollywood starlet sort of red. It’s become my go-to evening colour, which may explain why there is still half left, after three years.

Dragon Girl

This is my third tube of Dragon girl, as for the longest time this shade was my ride or die go to. It’s a bright, pink toned red that’s somehow, still cool toned. It was super flattering on me at one point, and a lipstick guaranteed to bring compliments when I wore it, but, eh. I feel like I’ve aged really badly in the past year or so, and it just doesn’t look as good any more, and that makes me a little sad. Perhaps it’s all in my head. I’m not even that old. I blame marriage.


Cruella has picked up where Dragon Girl left off. It’s a mid-toned, true red, neither bright nor dark. Cruella is the perfect grown-up everyday red. It would look appropriate in an office or in bar. I’ve worn it to job interviews in the past. It’s one of the line-ups best-selling shades for good reason.

Endangered Red

I also puzzle over the name of this one. Why is it endangered? Is it being hunted by a determined gentleman from the old empire, like that bloke from Jumanji? Name notwithstanding, Endangered red is quite a unique colour. It’s a burgundy, oxblood that hits that perfect note between red and dark. I wore this shade a lot last winter and I’ll be dusting it off as soon as September ends.

Consuming Red

Consuming Red is a deep, smooth, Bordeaux red. When I can’t decide which red lipstick to wear (a first world problem if I ever saw one) Consuming Red is what I reach for. I have noticed the formula of this shade is a little more slippery than other shades, but it wears just as well.

Dirty Mind

Another, rather unique shade. Dirty mind is a smoky purple, with a hint of mauve. It’s a very cool, witchy, wintery shade. This isn’t a colour I reach for as often as the others, but I’m very glad I have it.


Some people reach for nudes as their everyday shade. I reach for Damned. It’s a cool-toned, pink-y berry. I love this shade, it’s probably my favourite of the bunch. It can look sweet in spring or vampy in Autumn. This is my second repurchase of Damned and there was a definite hole in my collection when I didn’t have it. This colour apparently gained a lot of popularity when it featured in True Blood.

On my wish list at the moment is Train Bleu, a vampy, dark berry. I always swatch it in store and then tell myself I have enough darks. But I don’t have one in this formula!

I am also quite intrigued by Pussy Control, a bright lilac that will probably look awful on me, and Unspoken, a cool blue, both shades that were added relatively recently. So, go forth, lipstick friends, and enjoy.

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