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Revolution Reloaded Iconic Vitality eyeshadow palette

Another day, another Revolution eyeshadow palette. I couldn’t resist the selection of colours in this palette, and for £4, I certainly can't quibble the price. There’s a real mix of warm neutrals, shimmer shades and pops of hot pink. Ugh, just look at it. I might be a little bit in love with this palette, don't tell my husband.

There are currently four eyeshadow palettes in Revolution's Reloaded collection. I own another of them, which I have reviewed previously. The Iconic Vitality palette might be even better than the preceding one. The eyeshadows are soft and smooth, yet stand up to heavy blending without sliding away into the ether. The pigmentation looks exactly the same on eyelids as it does in the pan. There is a little dusty kickback when applying, but once the shadows are on your eyes they stay there. There’s no fallout, and they hold their colour throughout the day without fading.

There are fifteen shades in the palette, seemingly arranged at random. However once I swatched them, I could see that they had actually been arranged quite precisely. The top row holds the lightest, most neutral shades, and any of these shades would be fine for a quick one-and-done daytime look. The second row holds brighter colours, and would be good to mix with the first row for a fancier look. The third row holds the boldest colours, for a real party look. Obviously, you can mix the shades however you wish.

Above: The first row swatched.

Above: The second row swatched.

Above: The third row swatched.

The only problem I’ve come across is that the shimmer shades tend to leave a little glitter behind when you remove them, but that might just be my shitty makeup remover. I’ll probably pick up the other two palettes in the collection, as they have such a great colour selection. I’m not sure which high-end palette inspired Iconic Vitality, if one did at all, but it’s bloody gorgeous, and you should buy it.

Above: An eyeshadow look created with the shades in the top row.

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