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The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation

I’ll admit, I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for a couple of weeks now. Like a magpie, I’ve been distracted by all manner of shiny things. Unfortunately, foundation is the one makeup product, I don’t find particularly interesting.

I’ve tried a lot of foundations over the years, as I’m sure most woman have. The vast majority of them were the wrong shade (Why is everything so yellow? Are they formulating these for Marge Simpson?), a whole lot of others irritated my sensitive skin. As soon as I find a colour match and a foundation that doesn’t break me out in pulsating boils (too far? Okay), I’m on it, even if it has less coverage than a string bikini.

However, this foundation is different. This foundation I would actually recommend to other people.

The Body Shop Fresh Nude foundation does what its name suggests. It gives you a fresh, glow-y finish. This isn’t a full coverage, instaglam, sort of foundation. However, if you’re after a natural finish, this foundation is your girl. It has light coverage that can be easily built to medium. It doesn’t sink into fine lines or wrinkles, and best of all, it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Other foundations, even ones recommended specifically for dry, sensitive skin have given me horrible breakouts. In the lightest shade ‘Chelsea Porcelain 010’ I have an exact colour match, something I’ve never had before. Most affordable foundations are far too cool or warm toned. This is pale, but neutral. There are also 15 other shades, so it’s likely that you too will find a match. The formula doesn’t oxidise either, and it sits well with concealer layered on top.

The formula is a little drippy, but I wouldn’t call it watery. Owing to the fresh, dewy finish this is one foundation you need to powder with. I’ve not had any problems with powder making the foundation underneath look cakey. This foundation never looks cakey. On a good skin day, I can wear this by itself, and look natural and fresh-faced. Well, I could look fresh-faced, if I wasn’t so damn old and haggard.

Above: bare skin.

Above: Skin with one layer of Fresh Nude foundation.

The only thing I have a problem with is the price. It’s currently retailing at £16, which is a lot for a so-called affordable foundation, and they keep putting the price up. But hey, a bottle lasts me a good six months, so I suppose that’s good cost per wear. I presume The Body Shop are aiming for a more mid-range market with their pricing.

All things considered, I would highly recommend this foundation for sensitive, dry and older skins. Give it a go, you won’t be sorry.

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