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The Pale Mehr

Mac Mehr mini lipstick

I was broke, (Hey-when am I not?) but still found myself perusing the Mac counter of my local department store. After swatching Mehr I somehow walked away with it, albeit in mini form.

Mac minis are just that, miniature versions of several of Mac’s best-selling shades. For £10 you get 1.8g of product, which is quite a bit more than a sample size although obviously isn’t as much as a standard mac lipstick which is 3g of product. They’re a good option, if like me, you’re not sure you’ll use up an entire lipstick, or as a gift for someone.

However, now I’ve tried Mac Mehr, I’m itching to get the full size, as cute and dinky as the mini is, it just doesn’t cut it compared to its big brother.

Mac Mehr is a dirty cool-toned pink, that straddles the boundary between nude and rose. It’s one of the few lighter pink shades that doesn’t make me look like a corpse. It’s a my-lips-but-better sort of shade. It’s a great, subtle colour to throw on while going to the gym or when experimenting with a crazy eyeshadow look. The mini has the same matte formula and texture as the full size. Like all the Mac lipsticks it had a delicious, vanilla scent. It’s easy to apply, and stays where you put it, with no bleeding or feathering. It lasts through drinking, and eating, if you blot it several times, which is what I’ve found with all matte Mac lipsticks.

When I took the lipstick home, I realised I had a very similar shade in my collection already; Nyx Whipped Caviar. On the hand, you can barely tell them apart, but on the lips Mehr is a little more flattering on me, as it’s a deeper pink with more of a mauve undertone. They’re both, however, solid shades if you’re looking for that dirty rose colour. Whipped Caviar is shown above, and Mehr below.

It’s my half birthday coming up (yeah, I know that isn’t a thing) so perhaps I’ll treat myself to the full-sized lipstick, and the matching lip liner, Soar. Wait, what do mean that’s my bank manager coming to see me…?

Above: A full face with Mac Mehr.



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