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Essence Instant Volume Boost Mascara

I’ve been in a bit of a mascara rut recently. It’s no fun buying the same formula over and over, after all, isn’t variety the spice of life? But with my super sensitive eyes, experimenting can be a costly mistake.

That’s why I was very pleased to discover Essences range of amazingly affordable and non-irritating mascaras. I was a bit overwhelmed standing in front of the Essence stand as they have such a selection, but after careful consideration plumped for this one. The tube boasts it has power volume, and boy, they weren’t kidding.

The brush to this mascara is short and stubby. When I initially pulled it out I thought

‘well, this isn’t going to do shit.’

But I was wrong. Very wrong. That short, stubby brush is perfect for getting right into the roots of your lashes so you can wiggle them up. And, oh baby, do they lift. This mascara curls those lashes like a bodybuilder and they hold their curl all damn day. My lashes have even survived sweat running into my eyes, and remained perky and lifted. The formula is thick, but not clumpy, even if you go ham on your lashes, it’s so easy to wiggle the brush through and separate them. It’s perfect to layer for a dramatic look, or for just a quick swipe through to give you a doe-eyed wide-awake look.

Because of these fine qualities, I wish this mascara was perfect but sadly it’s not. Despite the tubes smudge proof claims, it does smudge a little under the eyes if you sweat a lot so it's not ideal for the gym. I've worn it on less sweaty days however and its been fine. The mascara doesn’t flake either, so there’s that.

Above: Left with no mascara. Right with mascara.

The wonderful thing about Essence is how inexpensive they are. This mascara currently retails at £3 and I would gladly pay triple that. I will be repurchasing a new tube when it runs out, and picking up some more of Essence’s mascaras to try.



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