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The Dark Side

My Top Five Dark Lipsticks

Who says Spring and Summer has to mean soft nudes and rose lips? I think a darker, bolder lipstick is a great juxtaposition with spring florals and pretty dresses. These are my current top five.

1. Mac Sin

A deep, dark red. It’s part of Macs matte range and I adore the formula. You can swipe it on and go. It fades evenly and doesn’t pill. I think it can be difficult for a traditional lipstick in such a dark colour to stay put but Sin does. The ultimate vamp (or vampire!) shade.

2. Nyx soft matte lip cream in Copenhagen

The soft matte lip creams get a lot of stick for coming off when eating but I adore them. They are comfortable, don’t fade, and stay where you put them. They're also quite moisturising on the lips. Copenhagen is a gorgeous, pinkish plum. It’s very flattering, and looks great with a soft pink blush and a bare eye. It would be a good starting point for someone wanting to start to wear darker lip colours.

3. Nyx soft matte lip cream in Transylvania

If the name didn’t tip you off, Transylvania is dark. It’s a cooler, and darker prune-purple than Copenhagen. I have read negative reviews about how it’s patchy but I haven’t personally found this. Like all the soft matte lip creams it’s easy to layer, and smells glorious.

4. Lottie London Slay All Day in Vibes

I adore Lottie London’s aesthetic. All their packaging is covered in hearts and stars but it’s not childish or garish like some brands. I don’t hear much at all about their liquid lipsticks, which is a shame, as they’re rather good. The formula dries down quickly, in fact it’s a bit of a crystal maze challenge to get it all in place before it’s set! (As you can sadly see from my shoddy application. Jeez, I'm sorry. ). The shade Vibes is a deep plum-red. Like most long-lasting liquid lips, it can feel slightly drying after wearing it for several hours, but it’s nothing major. My only gripe is Lottie London have a vast collection of nudes and no other colours like this one.

5. The Body Shop Matte Lip liquid in Sicily Iris

I’ve received compliments while wearing this lipstick, which is rare, and made me persevere with it, despite the tricky formula. It’s a cool, deep mulberry shade. It smells amazing, like bubblegum. The formula takes a little while to set but it won’t bleed or wander off once it’s dry. I find its best to use the thinnest coat possible. It’s not at all drying, which for a liquid lipstick is quite something.

Honourable mention:

Mac Diva

A true burgundy. It’s a great colour but loses points because of the formula. You definitely need a lip liner, and you need to blot. Sometimes I just can’t be bothered with the maintenance, and don’t reach for it nearly as much as Sin. It’s also, apparently, Marilyn Manson’s lipstick of choice.

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