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Revolution Pro supreme matte lip pigment

I was very excited to try Makeup Revolution’s new line; Revolution Pro. However, when I giddily skipped into my nearest Superdrug I found the display stripped clean, as if by voracious piranhas.

I had more luck the following week, when the school holidays had ended, and was greeted by a bulging display. I picked up two liquid lipsticks, as the packaging was rather reminiscent of Nars Powermatte liquid lipsticks, which I had recently swatched, and shed a tear at the price. Revolution Pro’s liquid lipsticks are a measly four pounds, which I believe makes them one of, if not the cheapest liquid lipsticks on the market.

Below are swatches of both shades:

The shades I chose were Foresight, a cool-toned fuchsia rose, and Subliminal, a cranberry red. I am rather fussy about my liquid lipsticks, if something is too drying or gives me cats-bum-mouth, I won’t wear it. I am pleased to report that these lip pigments do not give the dreaded aforementioned bum mouth. They have a viscous gel-like consistency, and sit on top of the lips, rather than sinking down into your lip lines and making you look like the old witch of the sea. I have read some negative reviews about how these lipsticks don’t fully dry down, they do, but there’s a little trick to it. Like an old-school bullet lipstick you have to blot. I have found the best thing to do is apply one coat, blot, and then apply a second, making sure each coat is as thin as possible. The lipsticks are so pigmented that there is no patchiness or loss of colour. Once the lipstick is dry, it’s set, and won’t wander all over your face.

Above: Subliminal in natural light.

Above: Foresight in natural light.

The lipsticks will wear off slightly when drinking, and don’t hold up to eating at all, but I don’t consider that a bad point. I can’t bear the feeling of lipstick on my mouth when I am eating and wipe it off anyway. It’s easy enough to apply a fresh coat.

I really enjoy the two colours I picked up. Foresight in particular is very flattering, and I’ve been wearing it consistently since I got it.

For the price I think they’re one of the best liquid lipsticks out there, and I will be buying more shades to try.

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