• Jade Hiller

A Royal Flush

Nip + Fab Blusher Palette

I’ve been after a new blusher for a while, since Makeup Revolution stopped selling their baked blush in store in favour of a million highlighters, and palettes shaped like chocolate bars. I don’t want a gimmick, I want something that works.

I’m not a fan of highlighter, I have no interest in ‘glowing for the gods’. In fact, I think not attracting the Gods attention is a much better plan. I mean, have you met the Norse pantheon? There’s an awful lot of murdering going on.

Likewise, I don’t want streaky brown contour or bronzer. If I wanted to look like a croissant, I’d just eat one.

Hence, it was surprisingly difficult to find a replacement blusher. So many formulas are streaky, or cakey, or just blend away into nothingness at first application. Fingers, brushes, it didn’t matter. They were ghost blush. I then considered splashing out on a Mac or Nars blusher, since these seem to be universally loved, but I baulked at the shade selection. How was I meant to know which colour suited me? I could choose incorrectly, and end up looking like an 80s era Madonna.

Until I found this, the Nip + Fab blush palette. Four shades all wrapped up in a sleek, shiny package. I had high hopes for this palette, and I was not disappointed. The four shades it carries are all completely different. There’s ‘plum tart’, my personal favourite. It appears a dusky, plum-y rose in the pan but blooms into a lovely dark rose on the skin. Next to it is ‘Tickled pink’, a brighter pink lemonade sort of shade, with the tiniest hint of shimmer. The two colours at the bottom are ‘crimson girl’ which isn’t crimson at all, but a strong fuchsia rose, and ‘perfect coral’, a mid-toned orange.

All the blushers are soft, and silky, and extremely easy to blend, but can also be layered for a stronger look, if the 80s blush thing tickles your fancy. They’re matte but not dulling. They lift the skin, and make it look alive. Owing to the colour selection, there’s pretty much a complimentary shade for every makeup look.

I was plesently surprised by this palette, as it’s the first item I’ve ever purchased from the brand Nip + Fab, but I will certainly be trying more.



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