• Jade Hiller

Perhaps its Maybelline

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink in 'Lover.'

The problem, I thought to myself as I scrubbed at my lips in exasperation, was not getting the lipstick to stay on-but getting it off!

Maybelline super stay matte ink adheres to your lips like glue. It even retains that slightly tacky primary school pvc glue feel. The stickiness is not in the realm of, say, Nyx suede, but it is slightly unpleasant none the less.

BUT, probably owing to its glue-like properties, this lipstick would withstand a nuclear apocalypse. The Rambo of lipsticks if you will. This shit does not budge for anything. Case in point, I went out for lunch, and much Turkish food was eaten. Hummus, lamb, chicken wings, oily salad. After a veritable feast the lipstick was still there, good as new. I was so impressed I took a (rather unflattering) picture.

It’s also easy to layer, often a failing point of many other liquid lipsticks. It doesn’t crumble, or turn crusty and disgusting. Don’t look at me like that, we’ve all been there.

I chose the colour ‘Lover’ which is a soft pink, as I have so many reds and darks I could start a business dying flags. The colour is quite unlike me, and made me feel all feminine and whimsical. I may have skipped. Once. Briefly.

The price for this liquid lipstick is the sticking point (Haha, geddit?) for me. At ten pounds, I think it’s a little steep. I’ve noticed Maybelline have been hitching up their prices as of late, which is a shame, as they’ve previously been slap bang in the middle of affordable brands.

All points considered I would recommend this lipstick, if liquid lipsticks are your thing. I’m itching to try some more colours, perhaps even a –Gasp- red.

Oh, and I got it off in the end, it just took a lot of lip scrub, and some elbow grease.



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