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Maybelline Divine Wine matte sensational lipstick

My husband was most perturbed when I stalled in front of a huge Valentines display in my local Sainsbury’s.

‘I don’t understand.’ He said, shaking his head, as I gushed over all manner of heart-shaped fripperies.

‘I just love hearts!’ I squeaked. (Unpopular opinion but I love Valentine’s Day. A LOT.)

At the bottom of the display (and kudos to Sainsbury’s for their ingenious idea) was a Valentine’s Day display of red lipsticks, including some new shades from Maybelline. After a moment of dithering, Divine Wine made it into my basket. It was lipstick, it was on special offer. What’s a girl to do?

Divine Wine is part of Maybelline’s ‘creamy matte’ collection. The lipstick applies smoothly and glides evenly. It feels wonderfully soft and smooth on the lips. The colour is gorgeous; a rich, deep red with just a hint of berry. As you’d guess, it’s semi-matte, and looks better once blotted. It’s a good option for someone with drier lips that still wants matte coverage.

Divine Wine does tend to smudge, just a little, and would work best with a lip liner. But it’s a solid choice for anyone seeking an affordable dark red. It lasts quite well, although it will smear absolutely everywhere if you eat anything, so keep that in mind.

I haven’t tried much from Maybelline in the past. Whatever I was born with, it certainly wasn’t Maybelline. It’s never really been a brand that’s spoken to me, but after this purchase I am interested in trying more of their products.

Divine Wine usually costs about £7 and can be purchased from a myriad of retailers.



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